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Brainstorming, Problem Solving, and Design Thinking bootcamp: the student experience from Stanford on Vimeo. We’re about to graduate from the OCDI curriculum, which has focused mainly on the technology and tools of online classroom planning, and move into what we could think of as a … Continue reading

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I am the odd duck in our group: I am not designing an online composition course; I am designing an online introduction to literature course. I have taught advanced composition online, and I can see how it “works” in an … Continue reading

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Maintaining Student Buy-In in Online Collaborative Writing Tasks

The power of collaborative learning has long been established, in particular for language development tasks. I used to teach middle school ESL, and, one of the principles of my pedagogy was the use of data-built Kagan structures and other methods … Continue reading

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Student-to-Student Relationships in Asynchronous DE Classes

A few weeks ago, students in both my online and face-to-face sections of English 302 submitted early drafts of their first essays of the semester. After receiving my feedback, a few students emailed me to personally thank me for my … Continue reading

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Making Up for Lost Face-Time

The first thing I noticed when I started teaching DE sections of 302 (concurrently with some traditional face-to-face sections) is what I think of as the “communication lag.” Teaching writing and research F2F has its own set of drawbacks — … Continue reading

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